Saturday, May 31, 2008


so lately i've been attempting to compile a list of pretty cheap, easy, practical recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. and hell i thought, maybe some of you have good ideas :P so BRING IT. show me what you got.
this is what i had for breakfast..see how desperate i'm in need of good ideas?

on the other hand. here's what my buddy john made for his first night in nyc:1.pita bread
2.roasted red peppers spinach
4.goat cheese
wish i had come up with something like this my first night without someone cooking for me. i think i just made ramen :/ but then again, you can't really go wrong with proscuitto :P


search engine!!!

someone got to my blog through a search engine!! COOL!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

abra kadabra

(man, i wanna play pokemon now)

it's almost been a week after the desertion. and i'm not sure if any of you guys remember the workrooms. but they were a total mess, like an art monster had walked in, closed the door and had diarrhea all over the place. but today, when i walk by the growingly familiar workrooms, i peered inside and everything was gone. no sign of life in the freshman quad at all, and suddenly everything disappears. the legends must be true, it must be the cleaning ladies! (who, btw, hated my suite)

so the reason that the quad is scary when everyone's gone, isn't because it's suddenly really quiet, because during the school year i'd walk around at like.. 4am and it'd be dead silent and it'd be really nice. but it's creepy cuz you know that no one's on campus (except for a few in each building) so everytime you hear just a littttttle noise, you can't automatically assume that it's a fellow student making that sound, it could be the ghost that lily was always seeing though.

so on the way to 15 west at night. i pass by college building and see that.... THEY'VE REMOVED THE FENCE! so the secret passage way is kind of open now...-ish

i got stuck. BUT. i turned it off and slipped through :P



decided to switch it up a bit :)


Monday, May 26, 2008

the desertion

it's been about 48 hours after the desertion...
the halls still appear mysteriously empty and chaotic.

Unaware to me until after the event a little less than 400 hundred bustling bodies disappeared from the freshman quad. suddenly the constant ambient noise of life has vanished and what's left isn't too pretty. the lounge on the second floor of east, the lounge that used to hold such life has suddenly become a scene from new orleans after hurricane katrina. projects littered everywhere and a mysterious substance splattered and dripping on the walls. my imagination runs wild as the thought of alien blood comes into mind. no, it can't be. it must be.. just.. ink.. paint. yeah, i'll just keep telling myself to keep my my mind sane.

It seemed like there was so much perfectly find things out there that i decided to venture out and scavenge through the wreckage. that's when i heard shuffling down the hall, the creak of a door, voices, grunting. i peered out of my suite carefully too see a fellow survivor. whew. she had previously lived in south 1 apparently. she tells me that it's just as bad there, and that she's been displaced to east 223 until further notice from men and women who have formed an organization in an attempt to cling onto society. they call themselves reslife. i assume it stands for the resurrection of life.
from the look of the halls, they're just as bad as my lounge
after scavenging for a while the sun seems to be setting outside. so i quickly gather my things and return to my room for safety. who knows what lurks through all the open dark doors in the hallways.
my scavenge proved productive though:
11x17 printer paper
a swiffer stick
a pad of bristol
a pushpin board
a mirror
tide laundry detergent (although whether the washing machines still work i'm not sure)
bounce dryer sheets (the same goes for the dryers)
and what seems to be a 30 foot internet cord
the gem of my find though, is an almost brand new fridge/freezer

i plug it in and works beautifully, it even comes with an built in ice scraper in the freezer. i stick a couple apples and waterbottles into the fridge and later i buy italian ice to put in the freezer

i've also found things i know that belong to my friends. I plan on holding onto them until they show up. if they show up. i hope they do.
two pillows from lily's room
lily's stuffed animal
a portable record player that i found in bea's room
blankets and sheets from dylan's room along with his guitar
a box which i haven't opened from greg's room

and then there were boxes full of asian food in dylan's room. i hope he doesn't mind me eating his food, but i'm desperate. i just hope that he'll understand when he comes back.

my side of the room remains the same as before the event.

however, my roommate lucas seems to have disappeared along with the rest of the students

he took his rug along with him, and the echoing of the room is starting to become unbearable. i quickly pull out what i have and make a makeshift rug. the cold of the ground no longer seeps into my bones

the walls are bare, and as an attempt to remind myself of the culture which occured before the event i place the art that i could find around my room to comfort myself. it reminds me of the good times.

i'll keep this blog updated, hoping that someone from the outside will see this and come with help. I reside in east 229. only come while there is light out. at sunset i set up traps in front of the door for safety.

I still have hope that people will return. I will attempt to investigate further into this strange occurrence.

postscript. i apologize if some of the photos are blurry. I couldn't stop shaking from nervousness.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

all alone :(

everyone's left! :( the freshman quad has become to eerie.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008


and we're number one for graphic design :D
check itttt


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

tag a website

feelin badass? go out and tag a website

economy class that won't kill you

an amazing solution to the problems of economy class. by staggering the seats you gain another TWO FULL INCHES of leg room and through the stagger there's a place to lean your head when you fall asleep. GENIUS! :P
and the best part is that this isn't just a concept. Delta plans on installing them into the economy sections of its Boeing 767s and 777s by 2010.


again and again

huh, an interesting concept of a music video

song: again and again - the bird and the bee

DANGER DANGER! high voltage!

take something we all know and love. and give it a little twist :P

favorite parts:
belly plastered to window (be careful lily, don't want samuel turning into that guy)
buttcheek rippling towel smack
wet hair flip

ah. that was refreshing